Designer Ruth Holly has spent more than a decade honing her skills as a creator and artist, designing everything from greetings cards to stationery, cushions to lampshades, to wall art prints, scarves and more, creating a lifestyle brand that is both distinctive yet timeless.

Working from the beautiful and raw surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales, Ruth combines the natural elements of the countryside, expansive cityscapes and encompasses contemporary trends to create beautiful artisan collections of homeware and stationary fit for traditional and modern interiors.

Ruth has worked not only as a designer but as a creative manager, over-seeing all aspects of the design process from sourcing, concepting and developing the final product. This full experience fed her passion to create her own line of products and kick started her aspiration to bring her own personal creations into people’s homes.

“My core creative expression is conceptual, I love to create something with depth and meaning. Something abstract that’s open to interpretation. I really enjoy discovering how each piece is interpreted by my customers. We enjoy chats about what they see,“a ship on the horizon”, “a bird flying in the sky”, or “just a piece of wood!” Each design is personal to my customers, they take ownership of their goods by interpreting as they see fit, reflecting their values and beliefs..” - Ruth Holly