Founded by Ruth Holly, trained surface designer, with over 10 years experience designing in-house for a range of commercial design companies.

Ruth has worked not only as a designer but as a creative manager, over-seeing all aspects of the design process from sourcing, concepting and developing the final product. This full experience fed her passion to create her own line of products and kick started her aspiration to bring her own personal creations into people’s homes.

Ruth's vast experience and transferable skills provided a fantastic foundation for her first independent offering and new venture into the world of textiles. Her love of homeware and textiles came about quite naturally after Ruth bought her first home in 2014, she saw a gap in the market that she believed her talent and passion could fill, and after years of designing for other people, her passion to create her own line of products became too strong to ignore. 

“Knowing that my core creative expression was more conceptual than commercial, I yearned to create something with depth and meaning. Something abstract, that was less obvious and more open to interpretation. I really enjoy discovering how each piece is interpreted by my customers. We enjoy long chats about what they see,“a ship on the horizon”, “a bird flying in the sky”, or “just a piece of wood!” The collection is personal to each consumer in that way, it lets them take ownership of my designs.”