Designing thoughtful, tactile products, that inspire you to look longer, and really connect with natures understated offerings.

Nestled in the hills of Yorkshire, we combine natural elements, urban influences and contemporary trends to produce timeless and distinctive designs. Each collection is inspired by natures patterns and organic markings, making them flexible in adapting to both traditional and modern homes.

Our patterns are created from original photographs, captured organically, and then printed using reactive inks onto a mixture of linens, cotton and paper. Much like the surfaces we seek out, our process takes time to develop, creating goods with character, to be cherished and loved.

β€œRuth's distinctive, brilliantly designed products reveal the natural world in all its mystery, diversity, colour and complexity..." - Tim Shearer Editor of Confingo Magazine



Luxury homeware inspired by raw beauty. Ruth translates her precious finds into stunning products for the home by combining traditional photography with contemporary trends. Her designs are then digitally printed onto a mixture of linens and cottons, and made into products by skilled craftsmen and manufacturers in the UK.



Responsibly sourced paper products include; notebooks, cards, gift wrap and art prints. Made from recycled fibres or FSC accredited, they have a really lovely tactile feel. All proudly made in the UK.



Unlike any other coastal design.


We are continuing with the theme of the natural world and heading to the shore for coastal inspired tranquility; blue hues, soft pink sun bleached skies and sandy greys. 

Find some breathing space with ASPECT, and create a tactile living space with our thoughtful collection. For use in every room to relax in a lighter and brighter environment.



Style and Substance.


Our debut collection SIGNATURE is based on raw patina from the natural world. Perennially popular and a perfect fit for the ongoing Scandinavian interior trend.

Each design has an un-obvious depth that demands you to look a little deeper and formulate your own response. This collection is personal to you, it lets you take ownership of the product and interpret as you want to.