Early May saw me gallivanting around the South of France, mainly to Tournon d’Agenais, visiting my friend who set up a little tea room in Summer 2018.

Tournon-d'Agenais is a commune in the Lot-et-Garonne department in south-western France. The royal bastide town stands on a steep hillside overlooking the peaceful countryside.

My main aim of my trip to France, (alongside obviously catching up with Jenny), was to take some time out from my busy schedule, slow down, switch off, get my camera out and really observe and report.

I was only in Tournon for a few days, so switching off in such a short time was a challenge. I was fidgety and anxious at times but it really helped that it was outside of tourist season so nothing was open and no-one was about.

Eerie at first, I began to embrace the empty tiny village streets, the old battered windows and doors, the stunning weathered stone facades, and the communal garden with its idyllic setting and beautiful bird song. I slowly allowed myself to just ‘be’ and absorb the scenes and sounds around me.

Here are a few of my finds, they are raw photos, I haven’t done anything to them as they seem to have an error on the file! - so they are in their most real state.

Hope you enjoy! x

As well as my solo wanderings, Jenny managed to get a little bit of time off from her tea duties and so we ventured to Lauzerte. Listed among the most beautiful villages of France, the hilltop village of Lauzerte overlooks the valleys and hills of Quercy Blanc, where we found a seemingly ‘secret’ gallery called Art Points de Vue .

Working with major contemporary artists, the sculptures by Robert Keramsi where hauntingly exquisite, and the ink drawings really evocative.

The weekend was a whistle stop tour but it really inspired me and took me out of my comfort zone. I’m sure these photos will become part of my next creative adventure. I hope you liked them.

Jenny’s tea room - Chez Moi Salon de Thé - 3 Rue de la Citadelle, 47370 Tournon-d'Agenais, France

au revoir! x


A while ago now my partner and I set off on a derelict adventure.

Running your own business means there is often only the smallest of opportunity for creativity, as a lot of the time is hustle and admin. But one clear Sunday we packed our bags, flask, camera, hats, snacks! and set off to North Yorkshire.

I had already planned the places I wanted to visit courtesy of Google, and Richard methodically plotted each destination for maximum coverage and speed.

There were some false starts ( the website I had used was quite old so some of the ‘derelict’ buildings had new shiny built on top), there was lots of driving and much screeching to a halt if either of us spotted a gem that wasn’t on ‘the route’.

All in, it was a beautiful fun day, and I got some really fab shots I’m happy with, and will use in the future.

Here’s a peek!


Ready to escape visually into a world of art and design for 5 mins?

Today I'm looking at the work of several artists using a limited colour palette with refreshingly raw, muted tones. Focusing on form and shape, these artists don’t need to use bright colours to attract their audience, the draw is created from texture, simplicity, shape and style.

Miyuki Shiro’s work reminded me of the recent Giuseppe Penone exhibition I visited at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park recently, though his main exhibition was sculpted trees and large scale wood cuttings, he had a few pencil line drawings that would bend the eye and made the viewer really focus on what he/she was looking at. Emil Berild’s ceramics are full of depth and desire, the charcoal burnt textures and tones make his smoke fired pieces dramatic and dangerous. My own work, ‘Wholesome’ - from the Signature collection, features deep and intense colour combos, broken only slightly by a flicker of light.

This is what I love about art; it isn’t obvious, it isn’t something you easily consume, it makes you think, it challenges and inspires, it grabs and grows you and is never EVER dull.



Here is no.1 of a monthly feature called Art_scape. An arty escape for 5 mins to soak creativity up into your eye balls.

I regularly use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and collection, those of you aware of it will know of it's absorbing power. Those not, here is it's strap line - "Pinterest helps you discover and do what you love. Find recipes, style inspiration, projects for your home and other ideas to try. " 

It also allows creatives access to unlimited visual feasting, hours of procrastination and heart wrenching urges to get paints out and just play. 

This month my focus will be to introduce more colour into my life. Over the last few years I have been drawn to muted tones and this has had a strong impact on my designs. They are subtle, understated and beautiful and don't ask for attention.

(Don't tell everyone), but of late I'm enjoying a quiet revival, I have been looking at gathering colour and how to use it, here's what I found;